You don't have to use our template system to design your files, if you don't want to! If you would prefer to design your printable items using your own software, we can also accept your own prepared files in PDF format. Just be sure to follow our file recommendations for the product that you're ordering, which can be found on the Upload Design page for each product. There's also a handy PDF template under the "Guides" tab for each item, which has the proper size and margins.

The product customization tool is built in Flash, so if you're browsing in a device that can't use Flash (like an iPhone or iPad) then you won't have access to the complete product customization system. You will only have the ability to edit text on an existing template design, and view image based previews of your product. We recommend using a desktop computer for the full product customization experience, which lets you add graphics, modify colours and fonts, and move things around as you see fit!

No problem - You can start from scratch and create your own! Select "Custom Design" and you'll get a blank canvas to work from. Add your own text blocks, images, colours and shapes as you see fit!


You can upload your own files for printing by selecting "Upload Design" at the bottom of the Product Information page. This will bring you to a page where you can select and upload your files.

Please submit your files in PDF format.

When uploading your file, please ensure the following:

 Graphics should be at least 300 dpi.
Colour mode: 
Colours must be in CMYK. This website cannot process RGB, indexed colour, or Pantone / spot colour files.
Safe area: Keep all text and important images 0.25” from all sides.
Document size: Check the Upload Artwork page for your selected product for recommended document size. In most cases it's best to extend your printable file by 0.0625” on all sides.

Most printers - whether your office inkjet or an industrial printing press - can't print right to the edge of a sheet of paper. So printed products are usually printed on an oversized sheet and then trimmed down, so that the colour can go right to the edge of the finished product.

However paper can stretch and twist. So printers ask for files to "bleed" a little over the finished size of the piece, so the cutters have a little wiggle room. Otherwise, you might end up with little white borders on your printed pieces by accident!

Paper can stretch and twist during printing and trimming. So your print job needs a little wiggle room to endure that your important text doesn't accidentally get chopped off!

Sorry, but our automated system can only accept files in PDF format.

Sorry, but we can't take responsibility for converting your files for you. Documents that look great on screen in something like Word or Powerpoint sometimes aren't well suited for print, and we don't want to disappoint you!

Keep in mind though, PDF is a pretty common file format, and lots of programs will let you save to PDF as an option. Just mind the file format guidelines for PDFs in this FAQ.


No problem. We can give you a custom quote!

Log in to your account, go to your "My Account" screen, and click "My Quote." Click "Create Quote" and use the handy form to describe the item you want - whether it's an existing item type with some changes, or if it's a custom product unlike anything you see here. Our print experts will take a look and notify you when we have a quote on your custom job!


Sorry, but no! Custom printing is a Special Order item that requires extra time to create and deliver, so it's not available for next day delivery.

Print by Lykki orders are delivered to you separately by courier, shipped directly from our print shop as soon as they are complete. This way, you will get them as quickly as possible!

Print turnaround times can vary, depending on the complexity of the product. Check the Product Specs to see the turnaround time for printing. Remember, you also have to add on shipping time!

Our Print by Lykki website is separate from and accepts credit card payment only, so you will be billed on your credit card, rather then by your invoice.